About Me

My name is Lynn Tidd, I am the owner/founder of Remedy, and this website.  

Remedy is my new mid-life baby.  As I reached middle age and life for me started to slow down a good deal as my nest got emptier, I found myself open to a new project.  With the family raising part of my life mostly behind me, after raising 5 kids between me and my husband, I had an itch for something new. 

I have lived in Ashland, OR for the last decade, after living in the San Francisco Bay Area for my entire life.  Most of my family and long time friends still live in the Bay Area, our roots there are strong.  One of my young adult closest friends when our kids were toddlers was the granddaughter of one of the founders of Body Time, Sarah.  When I met Sarah, she was the VP of Body Time and often took her two year old daughter along to work with her.  The family business was warm and inclusive and very appealing to me.  I took photos for the Body Time catalog once.  When my teenage step daughters were old enough to work, their first jobs were at Body Time stores on College Avenue. 

I grew up with ok skin, never gave it much thought.  My mother was one of those naturally lovely women, who with a seemingly minimal amount of effort, always looked great.  She was quite budget conscious and used Noxema that she bought at the grocery store my whole childhood.  I had not had an example of making an extra effort, or paying much attention to labels and ingredients. 

I remember after the birth of my daughter my skin changed.  I had patches of dry skin and Sarah gave me two Body Time Botanicals products for my skin, one I know for sure was the Combava Exfoliating Cleanser. I think the second one was Radiant Glow  The products made a strong impression on me.  I remember my friend telling the stories of how the ingredients were sourced.  I know that the texture and scent were intoxicating to me.  I was so converted, and became a raving fan.  My young woman skin that I had neglected really, because nothing really was too noticeably wrong, was transformed.  The dry spots and skin tone evened out with in the first week.  I remember feeling silly that I hadn't noticed the rough spots really, until they were gone.  

I have never been able to use more commonly available skin care since that time.  The fillers and chemicals in most drug store or even department store skin care drives me crazy.  I can feel the waxy fillers and smell the chemicals as soon as I touch the products.  Using those toners or cleansers sting my eyes, dry my skin out.  When I use the botanical line of products the quality and purity is immediately recognizable.  

When I was a young woman, I wore the fragrance from Body Time that was called Classic.  It was my signature scent.  I slathered A, D and E lotion scented with Classic on everyday. When I first got together with my now husband, his young son commented frequently on the scent.  When we moved in together, my step-son said he was happy that the house now smelled like me.  I was heartbroken when Classic was discontinued and became a reluctant China Lily wearer.  I love China Lily now, but would pay a fortune to have Classic back!  One of the first things I did when I got this business started was try to source Classic again.  I think I can get it, if I can buy 100 gallons of the formula that hopefully matches what I remember.  That would last a few lifetimes.  Maybe someday!

I have had great support from the founding family of Body Time in building a business to offer the products that their family acquired and developed over the years. I hope to continue to seek out the fragrances and products I don't currently have sourced.  I look forward to building a strong online business, getting better at everything from social media to designing labels and developing new products.  I love to hear from people who find me here.  Please don't hesitate to reach out!  


Lynn Tidd,