Gathering my thoughts about this next project

Gathering my thoughts about this next project

It's December 2, 2021.  I am sitting on the couch of my office in Ashland, OR avoiding social media scheduling (my business nemesis) by starting something new.  

While this plan, the plan for this new little business and site and hopefully community is not new at all, this, this blog post, THIS MOMENT, is the first real step toward making something happen.  It's cold and I have self diagnosed seasonal depression and holiday anxiety. So this feels great, the twittering feeling of new things excitement.  It's probably premature to talk about this, because I am physically firmly in place until June when my last child graduates from high school. 

I will have been parenting full time since October of 1994, when I got engaged and moved in with my husband of 26 years and his three kids.  My identity has been full time step mom of three, then mom of blended family of four, then blended family of five!  At the time the youngest was born, the oldest was 20.

I have had projects of my own here and there, but for the most part, our family has had the luxury and privilege of being our version of a "traditional" family, with a breadwinner dad and stay at home with the kids mom.  This has shifted in recent years as our nest gets roomier, not yet empty.  I have two ecommerce stores, take care of retired show horses on our land here in the country.  I ran an Air-bnb here that was booked every single weekend except 2 for two years (probably my favorite job ever honestly).

With my son planning on leaving home for his job as a skateboarding coach at a summer camp shortly after he graduates, then heading to Bend, OR for college in September, I am fairly scared of the coming feelings, dang those pesky feelings.

So, the plan is to start a project, to aid in the transition.  I want to travel.  I want to meet and support other entrepreneurial women who offer sustainable products, and I'd like to focus on women my age.  In the Northwest.  


I want to travel to meet,

Empty nest entrepreneurial women, who offer

Sustainable goods,

In the Northwest!

Is that niche enough?

I want to talk to and about women my age-ish who most certainly have stories to tell, and also are in the age of feeling invisible.

The grand plan is to offer themed subscription boxes featuring products of the people I meet and blog about.

The secondary plan is to offer space for women to just write their stories.  Remember Chicken Soup for the Soul books?  Kinda like that, but just for us, and no happy ending or special lesson needed.

It's a baby, budding plan.  But it's exciting.  I need it to look forward to. 🙃

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