Comfort and Joy Boxes

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Last spring we sent these the first of boxes out as gifts for our regular customers when the panic and uncertainty of Covid started.  The original boxes were small shipping boxes with animal print decorated stickers to match animal print decorated bath bombs.  We packed the boxes with pink shredded paper, and a hershey's kiss.  The feedback was tremendous.  In the early days of lock down, getting unexpected gifts in the mail was a real treat, and we heard from a number of people that it brought them to tears.

Well, we, (me and my daughter and helper) are putting these together in with a focus on holiday gifts.  We have put together these boxes of sets of four bath bombs in gift boxes that are shipping in a shipping box.  So what your loved one will receive is a shipping box, with a sticker with custom greeting, that can include something like, "don't open until your birthday" or "save until Christmas" or whatever message applies.  Inside shipping box will be the gift, in a glossy white or black gift box. The sticker reads "this is a box of bath time bliss".

The price includes your custom message and shipping.